Subsidized Multi-Specialty Consultation Camp Organized at Mishroli

Organized a multi-specialty health checkup camp at Mishroli, involving collaboration between healthcare professionals, local authorities, and community organizers. The camp offered a wide array of health assessments, including general checkups, blood pressure monitoring, BMI calculations, vision, and more.

Attendees had the opportunity to consult with Noon Hospital specialist doctors across various medical disciplines, addressing specific health concerns and receiving personalized medical advice. The camp fostered a sense of community and camaraderie, with residents coming together to prioritize their health and that of their loved ones.

We extend our sincerest appreciation to all healthcare professionals, volunteers, and sponsors whose dedication and support were instrumental in making this event possible. Special thanks to the local authorities and community leaders for their invaluable assistance and cooperation.

Subsidized Multi-Specialty Consultation Camp Organized at Awar

Noon Hospital & Research Centre, organized a Preventive Health Check-up & Awareness camp at Awar in memory of late CA Vinit Jain, where 400+ patients were examined.

In the presence of all the Staff and Doctors of the Hospital, and the family’s member of the late CA Vipin Jain tributes were given to Late CA Vipin Jain.

The initiative, which aimed to offer subsidized consultations to the public as part of our ongoing efforts to make quality healthcare more accessible, Noon Hospital believe in the power of community health, and this initiative is a step towards promoting preventive care and early intervention.

The camp was made possible with the collaborative efforts of family CA Nitin Jain.

Noon Hospital specialist consultants, Dr. Kasim Ali, General Physician, Dr. Bandana Paul, Pediatrician, Dr. Koshlendra Vegad, General and Laparoscopic Surgeon; Dr. Rahul Mahala, Ophthalmologist, Dr. Ritu Patel, Gynae, and expert staff team.

Noon Hospital Celebrating 75th Republic Day

” Happy Republic Day to everyone!

Today, as we celebrate the spirit of our great nation, I am reminded of the incredible resilience and aspirations of the people of Rajasthan. Our journey in healthcare, especially in these challenging times, reflects our commitment to each citizen’s well-being.

We’ve made remarkable progress, yet there’s more to achieve. Our focus remains on accessible and affordable healthcare for all, ensuring a healthier and more prosperous future for our families. As we march forward, let’s pledge to uphold the values of our constitution – justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. Together, we are building a healthier Rajasthan in a strong India. JaiHind!”

-Debabrata Mukherjee,CEO, Noon Hospital and Research Centre.

Noon Hospital Celebrating Lord GK Noon’s 88th Birthday

Noon Hospital Celebrating Lord GK Noon’s 88th Birthday.
On this occasion, a Subsidize Eye and Multispecialty consultation camp was held at Noon Hospital, Bhawani Mandi in collaboration between Noon Hospital and Basanti Lal Manmal Salecha Seva Sansthan, Bhawani Mandi.

In the presence of all the Staff and Doctors of the Hospital, tributes were given to Late. Lord G. K Noon.

Where a total of 170+ patients received subsidized consultations, the Noon Hospital extended a special subsidy on investigations to all patients during the camp, 20+ patients got subsidized PFT tests. This initiative aimed at providing healthcare access to a larger community has not only positively impacted the lives of those who attended but has also strengthened our commitment to community well-being. Senior Ophthalmologist Dr. Gauri Roopam Srivastava, General Physician Dr. Kasim Ali, and Dr. Raees Khan, General Surgeon Dr. KK Vegad, Paediatrician Dr. Bandana Paul, Physiotherapist Dr. Jai Narayan Singh, Radiologist Dr, Chandan Tekde, gave their services.

On this occasion, the President of Basanti Lal Manmal Salecha Seva Sansthan Committee Kalu Lal Salecha, Secretary Ganesh Salecha, Vice President of Grand and Seeds Merchant Association Agricultural Produce Market Rajesh Jain Karavan, Piru Khan, Bheru Lal Chaudhary, Mukti Dham President Girdhar Gopal Sharma, Nitin Surana, Rajesh. Jajhavara, Dr. Pradeep Sharma, Dr. Vikas Pandey, Damodar Dayal Shuklathe, Noon Hospital CEO Mr. Debabrata Mukherjee, Manager of Operations Isha Bhatnagar, Manager of Communications Pratap Jhala and Durga Shankar Contractor, and all staff were present.

Subsidized Multi-Specialty Consultation Camp Organized at Daturia

In a collaborative effort between Noon Hospital and Gram Panchayat Dhaturia, a successful subsidized multi-Specialty consultation camp was organized, benefiting the local community in Dhaturia.

The initiative, which aimed to offer free consultations to the public, more than 210 patients benefited through this camp. The diverse range of medical services provided covered general health, pediatrics, surgery, ophthalmology, and women’s health.

The camp was made possible with the collaborative efforts of Noon Hospital and the Gram Panchayat Dhaturia, with the gracious support of Shri Sajjan Singh, Sarpanch of the Gram Panchayat Dhaturia.

Noon Hospital specialist consultants, Dr. Kasim Ali, General Physician, MBBS, MD; Dr. Bandana Paul, Pediatrician, MD; Dr. Koshlendra Vegad, MS, General and Laparoscopic Surgeon; Dr. Rahul Mahala, Ophthalmologist, MBBS, DNB; Dr. Ritu Patel, MBBS, Gynae, and expert staff team.

Subsidized Eye Camp is Organized at Noon Hospital

Today Subsidized Eye Camp is Organized by Noon Hospital in collaboration with Bharat Vikas Parishad Adarsh Branch, Bhawani Mandi, On the auspicious occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s Birth Anniversary.

The camp was inaugurated with reverence to Swami Vivekananda by garlanding his portrait, symbolizing his teachings and ideals. A ceremonial lamp was lit to mark the commencement of the camp, symbolizing the dispelling of darkness and the ushering in of light and knowledge.
The camp mission is committed to providing free eye medical consultation and operation services to the community. Our mission is to enhance the well-being of individuals by addressing eye health issues and promoting overall ocular care.

More than 160 patients were given subsidized consultations, and more than 42 patients were selected for cataract surgeries.
In this program Chief Guest Mr. Kamal Sureka, Mr. Jitendra Garg, Guest, Mr. Govind Bharadiya, Mr. Kamlesh Gupta, Mr. Prakash Gupta, Mr. Prafull Gupta, Mr. Himanshu Chaturvedi, Mr. Yash Nahar, Mr. Shubham Rathi, Dr. Rajdeep Singh Chhabra, Noon Hospital’ s CEO Mr. Debabrata Mukherjee, Dr. Gauri Rupam Srivastava, Senior Ophthalmologist; Dr. Rahul Mahala, Ophthalmologist, Isha Bhatnagar, Manager Operation; Mr. Pratap Singh Jhala, PRO; Doctors, and staff were presented.

A Landmark Event at Noon Hospital,

Palliative care offers unique support and immeasurable comfort to countless families during the most difficult moments families face, while bringing compassion and dignity during their most pain-taking and challenging times.

In a landmark event at Noon Hospital, we were privileged to host Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, Head of Onco Anesthesiology & Critical Care at AIIMS Delhi and President of the Indian Association of Palliative Care. Her insights have been a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards excellence in critical and palliative care. Dr. Bhatnagar’s expertise, along with her exceptional ability to simplify complex medical concepts, has profoundly impacted our medical staff and community. This initiative is a step forward in changing perceptions, emphasizing the importance of empathetic care, especially in life’s most challenging moments.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, Dr. Savita Butola, Dr. Anjum Khan, Sister Hanife, Mamta Parihar, Brother. Ram and the Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) team for their effort during these 3 days session (26th-28th Dec 2023) on palliative care. Their collective wisdom and dedication are shaping a new era in Indian healthcare, where quality and compassion go hand in hand.

This event has been a testament to our commitment to bringing world-class medical knowledge and practice to every corner of India. Dr Bhatnagar’s and her team’s visit underscores our commitment to integrating compassionate care into every aspect of healthcare, especially in life’s most challenging moments.
We were also honored by the presence of Prof. Naresh Bhatnagar, Dean, Research and Development at the Indian Institute of Technology – Delhi. His discussions on leveraging technology to enhance patient experiences and quality of life have opened new avenues for innovative healthcare solutions.

Our recent collaboration with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, in introducing the BSc Palliative Care program, has been a transformative journey. Students have gained profound insights and awareness into the critical significance of palliative care, opening their eyes to the immense impact this field has on enhancing the quality of life for patients and their families. This initiative is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about shaping compassionate healthcare professionals who will make a real difference in the world.
Our deepest gratitude extends to Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, Prof. Naresh Bhatnagar, Dr. Savita Butola, Dr. Anjum Khan, Sister Hanife, and the entire IAPC team. Their dedication and insights are driving a transformative shift in Indian healthcare, marrying quality with empathy. We are grateful for the support and participation of all, as we continue to strive for a healthier, more compassionate nation.

Multi Specialty Health Camp at Shyamgarh

Awareness is much needed in healthcare. Keeping that in mind— Noon Hospital & Research Centre & Sardar Patel Multi Specialty Hospital, Shyamgarh organized a one-day subsidized medical & health awareness camp on 20th Dec’23. Where Noon Hospital & Research Centre provided free health consultations with specialty consultants like Ophthalmologist, General Surgery, Pediatrician, Physiotherapist, and General Physician.

In the program, Noon Hospital Doctors, Dr. KK Vegad, MS, General Surgery; Dr. Anil Patidar Physician; Dr. Bandana Paul MD Paediatric; Dr. Jay Narayan BPT, Physiotherapist; Dr. Rahul Mahla DNB Ophthalmologist; given the Consultation, along with medical staff.

Noon Hospital Remembering Lord GK noon 8th Death Anniversary

Lord GK Noon was a great philanthropist. His different economical contributions are always appreciated by global leaders. We are thankful and grateful to be part of his vision.
Today Noon Hospital Remembering the 8th death anniversary of Sir GK Lord Noon.

On this occasion, Debabrata Mukherjee CEO, Noon Hospital; Isha Bhatnagar, Operation Manager, Pratap Singh Jhala, PRO; Contractor Durga Shankar Ji, Dr HS Bishnoi, General Physician; Dr. Gouri Roopam Shrivastava, Senior Ophthalmologist; Dr. Rahis Khan, Dr. KK Vegad, General Surgeon; Dr. Bandana Pual, Pediatrics; Dr. Chandan Tekade, Radiologist; Dr, Jay Narayan, Physiotherapist; Dr. Rahul Mahla, Dr. Anil Patidar, & Staff paid tribute by lighting the lamp in front of Lord Noon’s picture. In between all attendees also paid floral tributes and observed a silence of 2 minutes.


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