Today Noon Hospital Remembering the 7th death anniversary of Sir GK Lord Noon.

Lord GK Noon was a great philanthropist. His different economical contributions are always appreciated by global leaders.

We are thankful and grateful to be part of his vision.

Today Noon Hospital Remembering the 7th death anniversary of Sir GK Lord Noon.

On this occasion, Debabrata Mukherjee CEO, of Noon Hospital; Debayan Chakraborty, COO; Isha Bhatnagar, Operation Manager, and Contractor Durga Shankar Ji, paid tribute by lighting the lamp in front of Lord Noon’s picture. Hospital Doctors & Staff also paid floral tributes and observed a silence of 2 minutes.

Jhalawar CMHO Mr. GM Sayyad Sb. Visited the Noon Hospital

Today Jhalawar CMHO Mr. GM Sayyad Sb. visited the Noon Hospital. He inspected all the departments of the hospital and appreciated the cleanliness of the hospital. Noon Hospital is doing a lot of work in Healthcare with Preventive Health Awareness programs for the people of this area.

He appreciated Noon Hospital for setting a milestone in Jhalawar district by registering Suliya Gram Panchayat’s families in the Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme.

He hoped the hospital will do more in health care so that the people of the rural area get maximum benefits. He congratulated Noon Hospital Management Team CEO Mr. Debabrata Mukherjee and his team, Doctors, and Staff.

“Operation Nirbhik” – “Operation Sanskar”

District Jhalawar, Rajasthan Police’s initiative and in collaboration with Noon Hospital and Research Centre, Bhawani Mandi, “Operation Nirbhik” – “Operation Sanskar” program was organized on 18th October 2022 at Government Seth Anandi Lal Poddar Senior Secondary School. In the program, Bhawani Mandi Deputy Superintendent of Police Arun Kumar Sharma, CI Mahesh Singh Charan, and Debabrata Mukherjee, CEO of Noon Hospital, started the program by garlanding the statue of Maa Saraswathi.

The main objective of “Operation Nirbhik” – “Operation Sanskar” is to create awareness about managing fear, becoming stronger, maintaining hygiene, and promoting good health habits among girls and women in society.

Operation Nirbhik Operation Sanskar, CI Mahesh Singh Charan, giving information about the law to the girls, in his speech, told them that the parents should marry the daughters after 18 years only, if a girl’s parents do this, then girls are strict to take legal help from Welfare Department. Along with that, he explained in detail about section 354 molestation. He also gives tips about cybercrime and avoids malicious applications and calls, and if needed take can help from the police.

On this occasion, Dr. Rakhi Soni, Gynaecologist, at Noon Hospital gives tips for a healthy life for girls. She said many changes come in the body during adolescence and good nutrition is very much needed in adolescence because during this period girl’s body develops physically and mentally. For this, include green vegetables, legumes, pea jaggery, dry fruits, dates, raisins, pulses, peanuts, eggs, etc. He said to share your problems with your parents during adolescence.
The Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Debabrata Mukherjee said that girls are working in big positions like Army, Pilots, Doctors, etc. He is holding a big post and is handling the entire district. Similarly, keep your objective big.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Arun Kumar Sharma told that to drive away the fear from his mind by becoming a fearless and cultured citizen, he narrated a story through which he wanted to tell that there should not be any kind of fear in his mind. Dial 100 in case of any problem, it can be dialed from a mobile even when the screen is locked.

Along with this, Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma and Mr. Debabrata Mukherjee gave answers to the questions asked by the students. At the end of the program, leaflets of ‘Operation Sanskar Operation Nirbheek’ were distributed to the students by the guests.

On this occasion, Debabrata Mukherjee Chief Executive Officer of Noon Hospital, Debayan Chakraborty COO, Isha Bhatnagar Operation Manager, Pratap Singh Jhala, PRO Noon Hospital, teachers of Government Seth Anandilal Poddar Senior Secondary School, and the principal and staff of Girls School were present.

Chiranjeevi Gram Sabha has been organized at Sulia by Noon Hospital

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, village and ward meetings were organized in all the gram panchayats and urban areas of the district on Sunday. In which public representatives and villagers enthusiastically participated. Chiranjeevi Gram Sabha was organized under the District Collector Dr. Bharti Dixit in Gram Panchayat Sulia on Sunday.
District Collector Addressing all the villagers present in the Gram Sabha, she said that the Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme is being run by the State Government with the aim of providing better and cashless medical facilities to the common man. She Said Noon Hospital in the Jhalawar district has set an example by registering Sulia Gram Panchayat’s families in the scheme.
Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. GM. Sayyed said that in Sulia Gram Panchayat, 237 such families who wanted to join under Chiranjeevi Bima Yojana but were not able to get the insurance premium paid, have been added under the scheme by providing a registration fee through Noon Hospital, which was added on 1 November 2022. The insurance policy was issued till 30 October 2023.
Debabrata Mukherjee CEO of Noon Hospital said that at present Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Swasthya Bima Yojana has been started by the state government so that no health treatment should be heavy on the common citizen. He talked about registering more people in the scheme through Noon Hospital.
During this program, the District Collector Herself handed over the policies to a few women of the families at Sulia Gram Panchayat. Also, the guests present released the pamphlet on Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme.

In the Gram Sabha, COO Debayan Chakraborty, Noon Hospital, Operation Manager Isha Bhatnagar, Development Officer Prabhu Lal Verma, Tehsildar Satyanarayana Ji, Sarpanch Bahadur Singh, Deputy Pradhan Aonkar Lal, and villagers were present.

Noon Hospital Organized the ‘Walk for Health’ on World Patient Safety Day

World Patient Safety Day is observed and celebrated by World Health Organization every year on 17 September to create awareness about different safety measures that should be taken to ensure patient safety. The day is celebrated to create global awareness about patient safety, increase or enhance public engagement in patient safety, and create action plans to overcome the issues of patient harm.

This year, the theme of World Patient Safety Day 2022 is ‘Medication Safety’ along with the slogan ‘Medication Without Harm’ with a call to action to ‘Know, Check & Ask’.
World Patient Safety Day, Noon Hospital organized the ‘Walk for Health’ to create awareness in society for the day.

At the event Hospital Managing trustee Zeenat Noon Harnal, Aamir Mithaiwala, Chief Functionary trustee; Ismail Mithaiwala, Trustee; along with the Noon Hospital Doctors & Staff starts the walk announcing the awareness and engagement, enhance global understanding, work toward global solidarity, and action to enhance patient safety and reduce patient harm.

At the event Hospital CEO Debabrata Mukherjee said the aim of this walk was to aware the public of their health. Regular exercise and walks can prevent diseases and the requirement of coming to the hospital can be reduced. And request all not to take self-medication to prevent unnecessary reactions or complications.

Noon Hospital wishes all to be healthy & requests actively involved in the safe use of medication.

Inaugurated e-Next ICU at Noon Hospital

Noon Hospital is associated with eNext ICU Founded by Dr. Sandeep Diwan who is also Director of Critical Care Medicine at Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurgaon.

To provide better health benefits to the people of Bhawani Mandi & area, Noon Hospital & Research Centre, and Dr. Sandeep Diwan, Director of Critical Care Medicine Department at Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurgaon & team Jointly Inaugurated e-Next ICU.

Noon Hospital CEO Mr. Mukherjee said the emergency & critical cases sometimes required joint discussion on patient conditions with two or more doctors in different specialties, like surgeons need the support of internal medicine specialists or medicine specialists need the support of pulmonologists or radiologist pathologist microbiologists and sometimes vice-versa as well as a part of treatment. Emergency and critical care management required integration between multiple resources like different level of expert manpower with different type of medical and non-medical equipment with wide range of medicinal and non-medicinal consumable and non-consumable materials which are mostly struggling to make available real time round the clock and uninterruptedly at most of the rural areas. We are trying to learn more about how we can improve rural healthcare and particularly emergency services.

Dr. Sandeep Diwan addressed the guest and presented to people, He said every local area must have emergency facilities, it will help while emergency cases and can increase chances of saving more lives because every emergency has the first 2 golden hours. Jaipur, Delhi facilities will be available at Noon Hospital & can consult with doctors online.
Zeenat Noon Harnal Managing trustee; said we are committed to saving lives. More lives will be saved and will help Bhawani Mandi and this area’s people.

At the event, Kaluram Meghwal, Member of Legislative Assembly; Kailash Bohra president of Municipal party Bhawani Mandi; Sultan Singh, Pradhan; Zeenat Noon Harnal Managing trustee; Aamir Mithaiwala, Chief Functionary trustee; Ishwar Chandra Bhatnagar, Resident Trustee; Ismail Mithaiwala, Trustee; Noon Hospital CEO Debabrata Mukherjee, Umkarlal, Vice Pradhan; Congress President Kalulal Salecha; Rajesh Karawan, Congress Mahmantri, Naresh Madhwani, Gagandeep Singh, Ram Singh, Sarpanch; Dinesh Ji Manager Bank of Baroda; Hospital Doctors & staff were presented.

Noon Hospital Honored DAINIKBHASKAR “Health Care Award 2022”

Noon Hospital was honored to have received an award by DAINIKBHASKAR for Outstanding Service in Health Care on 10 September 2022. At this event Chief Guest, OM Birla, Speaker of the Lok Sabha; Prasan Kumar Khemsara, Inspector-General of Police; OP Bunka, District Collector Kota; Dr. Jagdish Soni CMHO; and Dr. Vijay Sardana Principal Medical College, were also present.
Here at Noon, we continue to create health awareness in people, serve the needy and save lives.

Noon Hospital Celebrated 76th Independence Day

On the 15th of August, India celebrates 75 years of Independence. We as Indians pay respect to all the leaders who fought bravely for our nation’s freedom . On August 15, 1947, the British left the country after ruling the subcontinent for 200 years.
This year, the theme of Independence Day 2022 is ‘Nation first, Always first’. This year is of more significance because the country is observing the day as ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ across the country.
“Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” is an initiative to highlight the country’s rich culture, celebrate its achievements, and acknowledge the contributions of its citizens to the development of India.
Noon Hospital today celebrated 76th Independence Day ‘’Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. ‘’ by hoisting the NATIONAL FLAG and singing the NATIONAL ANTHEM.
On this occasion, Mr. Debabrata Mukherjee, CEO of Noon Hospital Congratulated all staff and doctors and announced Noon Hospital’s association with the TATA Institute of Social Science, Mumbai.
In the Program Mr. Ishwar Chand Bhatnagar, Resident Trustee, Isha Bhatnagar-Manager Operation, Pratap Singh Jhala-Public relations Officer, Noon Hospital Doctors & Staff were present.


Now-a-days cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the most common cause of death worldwide. As per World Health Organization (2012), an estimated 17.5 million people died from cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), representing 31% of all global deaths. Data published by WHO in 2016 indicates that 37% of deaths are caused by CVDs. 16 million deaths happened in 2016 below 70 years of age were due to non-communicable diseases.

There are an estimated 40 million heart patients in India. Out of which 19 million reside in urban areas and 21 million in rural areas. 17.5 million People die each year in India from cardiovascular diseases. 80% of all cardiovascular deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes, and 74% of urban Indians are at risk of cardiovascular diseases. This suggests heart diseases are fast becoming an epidemic in rural India and a structured solution is needed for combating the issue.
Poor accessibility of good emergency units, critical care unit, and poor doctor population ratio in rural India are some of the biggest challenges to saving lives after a severe medical emergency.
Considering the above, we have re-structured and developed our emergency and critical care unit since late the year 2020.
Since then, we saved hundreds of lives in the emergency and ICU and successfully sent them home.
But after stabilizing the patients’ condition we are sending many patients to higher centers (130 Kms+) for Cath lab procedures, emergency tertiary level surgeries that are not performed here, or for next-level treatment. And these patients mostly suffered from heart diseases, CVAa, and head injuries that required urgent intervention.
And to reduce treatment complications and increase the chances of patient survival, an Advance Life Support ambulance is very much helpful for medical monitoring, oxygen therapy, and advanced drug therapy during transportation.

As of now, an ALS ambulance is available only at Jhalawar Medical College which is 45kms away from Bhawani Mandi. And patients got medical emergencies in villages and nearby towns have no option to get comprehensive emergency and critical medical intervention within the golden hour unless they reach the Noon Hospital emergency unit or Jhalawar Medical College or other units which are located at least 130kms from Bhawani Mandi town.

Considering the above, Noon Hospital & Research Centre added a well-equipped ALS (Advance Life Support) ambulance and became more capable of saving more lives. And we have extended this facility with the help, support, and generosity of ICICI Group.

On behalf of Noon Hospital & Research Centre, our Managing Trustee Mrs. Zeenat Noon Harnal expressed heartfelt thanks to Mr. Anuj Agarwal (Chief Operating Officer- ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth), Mr. Joachim Colaco (Senior Manager-ICICI Bank), Mr. Sailesh Jha (Chief Manager-ICICI Bank), Mr. Sanjay Chowdhary (Zonal Head – North West – ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth), Mr. Ram Chowdhary (ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth) and every member of ICICI Group for this compassionate support.

Today Noon Hospital Inaugurated Advance Life Support Ambulance for maximum utilization of time during medical emergencies and safe transportation of critical patients. On this occasion Adv. Ishwar Chand Bhatnagar, Resident Trustee-Noon Hospital & Research Centre; Current MLA of Dug Vidhansabha Kaluram Meghwal, Bhawani Mandi Panchayat Samiti President Sultan Singh Chauhan, Municipal Chairman Kailash Bohra, Former Municipal Chairman Ramlal Gurjar, Town President Kalulal Salecha, Chetraj Gehlot, Rajesh Karawan, Ranjeeta Pandey, Rakesh Makwana, Durga Shankar, Suliya Sarpanch Bahadur Singh, and Mr. Debabrata Mukherjee- CEO Noon Hospital; Mr. Pratap Singh Jhala – PRO; Isha Bhatnagar Operation Manager, Deepak Soni Store In-Charge, Mr. Rynil Nursing In-Charge, Javed Khan Nursing In-Charge, Sudip Ghosh Internal Marketing Executive, Moin Uddin Maintaince Supervisor, Ravi Nimawat HR Executive & Team and Doctors & Hospital staff were presented.


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