Dialysis Centre Inauguration

Lord Noon’s Legacy Continues – Dialysis Centre Inauguration

April 20, 2017

April 20, 2017, inauguration of a 8 bedded (3 beds operational initially at phase I and adding up of 5 beds in phase II) , state of the art Dialysis Centre at Noon Hospital. The Noon Hospital, dialysis centre is coming up in joint collaboration with Apex Kidney Care (AKC), Mumbai. This dialysis centre will cater to the population for the district of Jhalawar, were there is a huge gap in demand and supply of nephrology care. The centre will be one of its kind within a radius of 40 kilometers.

About Apex Kidney Care (AKC)
Apex Kidney Care provides comprehensive kidney care at affordable rates to patients suffering from kidney disease. Apex runs a chain of world class dialysis centers across the country. Started on 15th of August 2008, Apex currently operates more than 46 centers providing outpatient and inpatient dialysis services across seven states – Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Orissa, Haryana, Gujarat and now Rajasthan. With more than 400+modern dialysis machines carrying out more than 20,000 dialysis treatments per month. Till date Apex Kidney Care has conducted more than 10,00,000 dialysis. Apex has emerged as one of the largest dialysis service provider and a premier destination for quality dialysis care in India. Apex has helped the patients with more than 1000 kidney transplants.

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