Bhawani Mandi & Jhalawar

Girls Senior Secondary School

October 20, 2013

In the memory of Lord Noon’s Mother Mrs. Safiabai Kaderbhai Mithaiwala. Classrooms were donated in the Girls Senior Secondary School Bhawani Mandi.

Police Station

March 3, 2011

As always keen to support the Police Department. Lord Noon built and donated barracks, residential quarter and guest house for the Bhawani Mandi Police Station.

Khel Sankul

February 23, 2011

Having great passion for the game of cricket Lord Noon built and donated stadium (two spectators sitting arrangement) for the Jhalawar cricket ground.

SRG Sonography

September 23, 2010

At Jhalawar SRG Hospital a ultra Sonography machine was donated. This has helped the hospital immensely in understanding the health of the fetus in mother womb. This has also helped the doctors to understand intestinal complications/diagnosis for proper treatment.

Government Hospital

March 13, 2003

Like the Sunel Government Hospital the Bhawani Mandi Government Hospital was also donated by Lord Noon father and it is named after Lord Noon’s Grandfather as Rajkiya Kamruddin Ebrahim Chikitsalya.

Ghandhi School

January 26, 2002

In continuation to support the education system, which was close to Lord Noon’s heart, two class rooms were built and donated to Rajkiyo Gandhi Higher Secondary School Bhawani Mandi in the year 2002.

Birla College

January 1, 2001

Millennium Recreation Centre in the year 2001 was donated by Lord Noon in the memory of his Father –Mr. Kaderbhai Ebrahimji Mithaiwala. It is one of kind of youth recreation centre in the present Government College. Students here undertake indoor games facility. Examinations are also conducted here.

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