Operation Theatres & Labour Room

At Noon Hospital we have recently commissioned four new spacious operating theatres and labour rooms for extra care and comfort of our patients. The facility where surgical operations are carried out in an aseptic environment using advanced technology by highly experience doctors and nurses.
The new labour rooms gives our young mothers a sense of security and a feeling of being respected with dignity and privacy.

Intensive Care Unit

At Noon Hospital we have a seven-bed intensive care unit together with a six-bed day care centre.
Our skilled Healthcare Professionals teamed with our Physicians are equipped and designed to monitor, treat and care for patients who are critically ill.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

At Noon Hospital we believe that both Mother and child need to be treated with passion and affection.
Our professionals, advanced technology and state of the art eight-bed NICU enables us to give this special care to our tiniest patients.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

At Noon Hospital we run a four bed fully innovative, fun & colorful PICU under the care and supervision of an experienced pediatrician. A variety of different serious medical conditions that require intensive care support are treated here.
We believe that every child needs extra support with love and care when seriously ill.

“KERRY WING”-Noon Eye Care Centre Of Excellence

At Noon Hospital ‘Center of Excellence’ we take pride in the care of our patient’s eyesight.
We believe it is one of your most important senses: 80% of what we perceive come through our sense of sight. By protecting our eyes and timely treatment we reduce the odds of blindness and vision loss while also staying on top of any developing eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.
This department in collaboration with District Blindness Control Society conducts free cataract surgeries and provides free consultancy in the government community health center too.
The Hospital has acquired the best of technology Phaco machine ‘Alcon-Centurion’ to conduct cataract surgeries. This machine is one of its kind in the entire Hadouti District.

Dialysis Centre

Noon Hospital has been in collaboration with “Apex Kidney Care”, Mumbai for the past 3 years. We run a six-bed dialysis center, where our patients are our top priority.
Our patients are looked after and treated in comfort by our trained experienced staff, supported by the highest quality dialysis equipment.

Accident, Trauma & Emergency

At Noon Hospital we run a 24-hours accident, trauma & emergency service with resident doctors, together with our team of different specialist doctors on board. This complex also houses a minor operating theatre.
These doctors ensure that our patients receive care and help in these critical hours of need.

Ultra-Sonography Department

At Noon Hospital we have recently installed a next generation 3D/4D/5D Ultrasonography Machine.
This new technology enables us to diagnose diseases, baby growth and high-risk pregnancies with much more confidence, take better patient care, and achieve faster time to treatment effectively and efficiently.

Air-Conditioned Twin Sharing Deluxe Room

For our patient comfort, tranquility, luxury and privacy, we have refurbished our semi-deluxe rooms with air conditioning, television and other facilities that are available at affordable prices.

Minor Operating Theatre

At Noon Hospital we run a 24-hours accident, trauma & emergency service with resident doctors, together with our team of different specialist doctors on board. This complex also houses a minor operating theatre.
These doctors ensure that our patients receive care and help in these critical hours of need.

24 Hours Pharmacy

At Noon Hospital we run a 24/7 pharmacy shop. Our pharmacy provides support to our clinical teams and safely dispenses medicines to our patients.

Laboratory Department

At Noon Hospital we are equipped with a 24/7 fully automated laboratory.
Our trained experienced team of technicians provides services covering routine and special tests using the new generation equipment.

X-Ray Department

Our digital X-Ray department is run by trained technicians for a quick, painless and effective procedure in a friendly caring environment. We offer specialist imaging and image guided treatment.

Free Camps

Various OPD and Surgical Camps are organized by Noon Hospital, giving the under-privileged patients a chance for good quality healthcare.
Super Specialty Doctors are brought in from renowned hospitals in India to assist and care for our patients.
We also have specialist visiting doctors to assist our cause.

Noon Hospital Residential Quarters

All the out station staff-the doctor, the management staff, the nurses and technicians stay in fully furnished flats provided free of cost by the hospital and having all modern amenities. There are three categories of residential quarter – double bed flats, single bed flats and service apartment.
The premise is located in front of the hospital in 1.5 acres land having green parks, kid playing area, wide parking space, ample space for jogging and cycling and recreation hall.

Modern Canteen

Noon Hospital canteen is housed within the hospital complex. The canteen serves free food to its patient. Patient food is served hygienically, under close supervision with strict diet rule.
The canteen has another wing of services by which it caters sumptuous food delight to its other customers which includes the patient attendants, the staff and other visitors.

Orthopedic & Physiotherapy Department

At Noon Hospital we deal with Trauma, Acute injuries, Hip & Knee replacements, prevention diagnosis and treatments.
We have over the year performed successful Knee and Hip replacements the first of its kind in the area. Our Physio is catered around the patients need to improve general health and mobility.

Dental Department

Dr.Lalit Sharma BDS is heading the department. With the help of visiting MDS doctors he has performed many complicated dental surgical procedures also eg. Mandible fracture, condyle fractures etc.Following are the services available: tooth cleaning through machine, pyrrohea, foul smell breath in gums, yellow tooth, tooth cavity, tooth ache, bleeding gums, mandible fracture, gum surgery, artificial denture, fix wiring of abnormal tooth, root canal treatment

Free Transportation Facility

Bus facility, NOON Hospital being away from main city, the Hospital has provided Free Transportation facility in form of a 20 seater bus, which brings and drop back the patients and attendant from Bhawanimandi city and surrounding village.

24 Hours Ambulance Service

24 Hours Ambulance Service Modern, air-conditioned and well equipped ambulance with all the comforts to patient is 24 hours available to serve the emergency and patient transfer.


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