Noon Eye Care of Excellence – KERRY WING


March 7, 2018

On March 7, 2018 Noon Hospital celebrated its 10th year Anniversary. The occasion was marked with the opening of “KERRY WING”-NOON EYE CARE CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE.

Mr. Duncan Everett, CEO, Kerry Group Ireland a pioneer in food industry, has donated for this wing as a part of their group CSR activity. Mrs Zeenat Noon Harnal-Managing Trustee, Zeen-Zar Charitable Foundation Trust-Noon Hospital, Maharana Sriji Arvind Singh Ji Mewar-Udaipur, Mr Dushyant Singhji, MP and Lord Kamlesh Patel from England were present on the dais.

This eye care centre of excellence will bring in modern, state of the art eye care facility at Bhawani Mandi and for the district of Jhalawar. Mrs Zeenat Noon Harnal in her speech also mentioned that in future the trust will work in alleviating cancer and prevention of diabetes. She also mentioned that she will put her best effort in collaborating Noon Hospital with other health care institutes and professionals of international repute.

Lord Noon’s Legacy Continues – Noon Eye Care of Excellence – KERRY WING

April 20, 2017

Laying down of the foundation stone of the fourth wing of Noon Hospital – “ KERRY WING”.

The ground floor of the entire wing will be dedicated to eye, ‘NOON EYE CARE CENTRE’- ‘CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE’. Noon eye care centre will have three ophthalmic doctor consultation rooms and same number of refraction rooms, which will be able to conduct both automatic and manual refraction. A dedicated spectacle shop and patient waiting area will also be a part of this centre.

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