Noon Cricket Academy

Lord Noon’s Legacy Continues – NOON CRICKET ACADEMY Inauguration

January 24, 2019

On the Birthday of Lord Noon, 24 January 2019, “NOON CRICKET ACADEMY” was inaugurated at Bhawani Mandi by Mr. Kamal Singh Yadav Sb. (SDM, Bhawani Mandi), HM Vashisth (Executive President of Rajasthan Textile Mill, Bhawan Mandi), Mr. Balchand Meena ( Tehsildar, Pachpahar) & Advocate Mr Ishwar Chandra Bhatnagar ( Resident Trustee, Zeen Zar Charitable Foundation Trust).This cricket academy will nurture young talents from the age group between 12 years ( Class VI ) to 17 years ( Class XII ) so they can get opportunity to play in higher platforms. Seventy five young cricketers were shortlisted and registered for the cricket camp. This young cricketers initially will be trained free of cost.

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