Speciality & Consultants

Dr. H.S. Bishnoi

Senior General Physician MBBS, MD

He is associated with us from July 2015. Before also he has worked with us for 4 years from July 2009 to Dec 2013. As a Doctor of Medicine he treats all kind of ailments related to heart, lung, brain, abdomen, skin. He specializes in treating myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, cerebro vascular emergency, acute abdominal diseases and acute pancreatitis.

In his free time he enjoy watching games and travelling to new big cities.

Dr. Col (Retd.) Chetan Sharda

Internal Medicine, Head of Critical Care MBBS, MD

He is associated with us from February 2021. He has 26 years’ experience in the INTERNAL MEDICINE, CARDIOLOGY AND CRITICAL CARE Department of the Armed Forces and 3 years at KOTA HEART Hospital.

In his free time, he loves reading medical journal, play squash, jogging and other sports related activity.

Dr. Gauri Roopam Srivastava

Senior Ophthalmologist MBBS, MS

She is associated with us from 2008. She specializes in pediatric ophthalmology, 0 squint, cataract operation through phaco machines without stitches, cataract operation and manual phaco, DCR operation, corneal exam, eyelid operation, foldable intra ocular lens implantation, squint surgery, pterygium glaucoma and occuloplasty.

She has done thousands of ophthalmic surgeries and had performed critical cases like one eyed cataract surgeries and guarded visual prognosis cases.

In her free time she enjoys gardening. She also love pets.

Dr. Ankita Vergadia

General Surgeon MBBS, MS

She is associated with us from 10 August 2021. She Has one month experience in general surgery from Mahaveer Hospital & Research Centre Bhawani Mandi Rajasthan before that she has worked as specialist medical officer at District Hospital Raisen Bhopal. She has done Post-Graduation in general surgery from People’s College of Medical Sciences Bhopal in year 2020. She did her graduation from Index Medical College Hospital & Research Centre Indore in year 2014 inclusive of one year compulsory rotating internship. After that she joined Index Medical College as Junior Resident Officer in the department of general medicine for 1.5 years. Then she joined Primary Health Centre Mordundiya Blocks Ranapur District Jhabua as a Medical Officer.

In his free time, he enjoys watching games and travelling to new big cities.

Dr. Deepak Shekhawat

Pediatrics & Neonatology MBBS, DCH, MRCPCH

He is associated with us from August 2021. He completed his post-graduation from Saifee Hospital, Mumbai. He is specialized in neonatal intensive care, complex NICU procedures, Paediatric medicine, Vaccination, and dietary counselling. He also has expertise in complex emergency procedures, much knowledge about operating mechanical ventilators and CPAPs.

He enjoys listening to music, travelling, adventure sports, Fitness & playing with kids.

Dr. Rakhee Soni

Obstetrics & Gynecologist MBBS, MS

She is associated with us from Aug 2021. Before she has worked with Jhalawar Medical Collage from May 2017 to July 2021. As a Doctor of MS Obstetrics & Gynecologist she treats all kind of ailments related to pregnancy including high risk cases of pregnancy, diagnosis & treatment of female reproductive disorders, including abnormal uterine bleeding & irregular menstrual periods, gentile infections ovarian cysts & several other conditions concerning the female reproductive system.

Her interest watching TV & playing games

Dr. Pankaj Soni

Orthopedic Surgeon MBBS, DNB

He is associated with us from July 2021. He completed his post-graduation from Max hospital, New Delhi in 2019. He specialized in general and complex trauma surgeries. He also has experience of knee & hip replacement, arthroscopic ligaments surgeries and corrective osteotomy for various deformities.

He enjoys watching cricket, walking, listening music & reading various books in free time.

Dr. Poonam Jain

Anaesthetic MBBS, DA

She has done her MBBS, DA from Devraj Medical College Devraj Kolar, Karnataka, India in year 2005. Before joining us August 2021, working with Apollo Hospital New Delhi as an Anaesthetic consultant. She has also much experience Critical Care & Anaesthetic Consultant at Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre Ghaziabad.

In her free time, she enjoys reading motivational books, travelling, listening to music and helping & charity needy people & Society.

Dr. Kanak Gupta

Pathologist MBBS, MD & PHD (Microbiology)

He is associated with us from Aug 2021. Before joining Noon Hospital, he has worked with Pushpanjali Hospital Rewari Haryana, as a Pathology Lab Head & Blood Bank In-Charge. He has vast experience in pathology & Have great skill in developing pathology lab and blood bank setup. Research & stay current on all new studies and findings in clinical pathology, blood bank and educate coworkers on new information and how to implement it in the lab.

In His free time, he enjoys watching cricket, listening to music and visit tourist places.

Dr. Jaynarayan Singh

Physiotherapist BPT, DNY

He is associated with us from March, 2008. He specializes in physiotherapy of surgical and clinical leprosy. A well equipped physiotherapy department has been established. It is state of the art. Patients suffering from various inflammation and degenerative arthropathy like osteo arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar spondolysis, PIVD and other neurological disease are treated in combination with physiotherapy and naturopathy procedures. He has also treated patients of cerebral palsy, hemiplegic paralysis and fracture.

He loves to watch and also participate in football and cricket.

Dialysis Department

April 20, 2017, inauguration of a 8 bedded (3 beds operational initially at phase I and adding up of 5 beds in phase II) , state of the art Dialysis Centre at Noon Hospital. The Noon Hospital, dialysis centre is coming up in joint collaboration with Apex Kidney Care (AKC), Mumbai. This dialysis centre will cater to the population for the district of Jhalawar, were there is a huge gap in demand and supply of nephrology care. The centre will be one of its kind within a radius of 40 kilometers.

Dr. Atul Rathore

MD (Medicine), DNB (Cardiology)

Dr. Piyush Kant Sharma

Neurologist MBBS, MS, & MCh

Dr. Raghavendra R Vyas

Orthopedic, MBBS, MS

Dr. Saket Bhandari

Dermatologist MBBS, DDVL

Dr. Varun Malu

ENT Department MBBS, DNB

Dr. RC Jeevan


Dr. Dinesh Meena


Dr. Monika Gurjar


Dr. Pinki Gurjar


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