Cancer Awareness

Out Reach Program

February 4, 2019

Noon Hospital, Bhawani Mandi ( & Bhagawan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (BMCHRC), Jaipur ( One of the renowned cancer hospital of Rajasthan ) in collaboration has started a ‘CANCER PREVENTION AND AWARENESS PROGRAM’ through ‘OUT REACH’ in the adjoining villages to Noon Hospital. The main objective of the program is to prevent, screen and treat CANCER majorly Oral, Breast and Cervix Cancer.

In this regard, six nursing staff from Noon Hospital attended a two day workshop on ‘Oncology training and education for health workers’ conducted at BMCHRC. Post training the staff are now on the field, screening patients. This noble work will try alleviating and prevent this dreaded disease in its own small way.

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